Cat Owners Delight!

Saoire O' Brien
2 min readAug 9, 2022

Google’s little fun tool to delight the child in us all!

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Yesterday I posted a picture of my three cats to my Facebook timeline with the hashtag #internationalcatsday alongside a meme…on it written: Breakfast is to be served at 6 am promptly Steve. Not 6.10, Not 6.05. SIX AM STEVE! And here’s the picture of my gang waiting on their dinners!

Authors Own ‘The kitties’

Cats are fantastic but oh so demanding! During the pandemic lockdowns, all I was, was a fancy doorman for my cats. Honestly, I must have opened and closed the doors and windows for them 10 million times. No exaggeration!

I had a variety of conversations with friends under my post about our little furry friends and it was great to connect with people since I don’t post very often on Facebook anymore.

Today a friend sent me these instructions.

1. Go to Google

2. Search the word Cat

3. Tap the paw icon on the top right

4. Tap anywhere on the screen

And so I did and was greeted by this fun little tool that created the banner image above. It also has sounds such as purring and mewing every time you click on the paw and produce the stamp.

I love these little internet moments, the fun & lighthearted finds…similar to going into Google and typing ‘askew’. So that's my fun find offering to you today!

Feel free to share any of your fun internet finds or stories of your furry friends in the comments below.

Saoire O' Brien