My Name Is Freedom

Saoire O' Brien
4 min readSep 1, 2021

My name is Saoire, an Irish word which translated means freedom. And with a name like that, comes a lot of responsibility!

An empty road into the horizon with empty fields on either side, above a sky with bright shining starts shinning.
Image by beate bachmann from Pixabay

The Indians used to wait to see the personality of their children before naming them, and similarly, I always felt that my name shaped who I am. Freedom is a word to strive for. It carries so much weight, so much history and stories of bravery. Who hasn’t heard of the famous speeches by Martin Luther King, I Have A Dream? Or Eleanor Roosevelt, The Struggle Of Human Rights? Those are big boots to fill, and it’s shaped me into someone who lives by her moral values, someone who believes that above all else, we as humans deserve to be as free as possible, have freedom of choice, and above all else, do no harm!

My name is also one of those ‘crazy Irish names’ that comedians like to make fun of, with the added layer on top, that it’s not actually a name, it’s a word, unlike the popular Irish name of Saoirse…so it’s like Saoirse but spelled differently without the last ‘s’ and pronounced completely differently! It’s pronounced see-wra. Or at least that’s how I pronounce it, despite often being told that I’m pronouncing it wrong!

Explaining my name, which in pre-pandemic times, I had to do on a daily basis, can be an awful waste of time. It’s repetitive and it’s boring to deal with all the time. At one point I started trying to come up with more imaginative ways of answering the same questions, but I ended up coming across as rude instead, so I went back to my typical replies. Yes, it’s very unusual. No, I’m not joking, that’s the spelling. Yes, I know I’m very lucky to have such an easy Gmail. Oh really, you have a friend named Saoirse, Sorcha, Sarah…that’s great! Or the emails where they respond by correcting the spelling of your name, that truly drives me up the wall…ah thanks love, I was in a rush…